St Johns County Roofing

St Johns County Roofing

If you live in St Johns County, Florida, and you require roof repair or replacement services, Roof It Right is the way to go. Our company offers top-notch professional roofing services at competitive prices. In addition to St Johns County, we also have two locations in the Jacksonville area.

Throughout the year, St Johns County is blessed with a relatively mild climate. However, summers can be particularly unpredictable. Many of the homes in the area aren’t prepared to withstand rain showers and thunderstorms, resulting in flooding and roof leaks.

Fortunately, even if a strong storm manages to displace the shingles on your roof, you’ll be happy to hear that the solution is relatively simple. Just call us, and we’ll have your roof repaired in no time at all! In addition to smaller repairs, we offer several other kinds of services at Roof It Right.


Roof Inspection Services

If you’re not entirely sure whether your roof needs repairs or a total replacement, we offer roof inspection services for residential and commercial buildings. Our team will perform a thorough investigation of the roof, checking each shingle, as well as the flashing and chimney. We’ll take into account the materials the roof was made of to ensure that there are no leaks or structural faults.


Ultimately, having a roof inspection every five to ten years can prevent bigger problems from popping up at a later date. In fact, if you have wooden or asphalt shingles, you might consider getting your roof inspected more regularly. Basically, consider our roof inspection service a regular checkup, even if you don’t have a specific roofing issue that needs to be resolved.

Roof Repair

If our inspection uncovers damage, we’ll be able to get to work on the repairs almost immediately. It’s important to start working on the roof as soon as the fault is discovered. After all, small leaks can quickly become big problems, especially in an area with such unpredictable weather. But then, you don’t need us to tell you how quickly a storm can come along in St Johns County.

So what are some signs that you might need roofing work done? Well, leaks in the attic are one of the main indicators. However, they don’t always appear in the form of puddles on the floor. Instead, you should look for peeling paint on the ceiling or walls, and black spots combined with a musty odor. The latter could signify the existence of mold, which is a serious health hazard.

Residential Roof Replacement

Between the wind, the rain, and the heat, roofing projects in Florida require a special kind of expertise. But what is it that makes a roof beyond repair? 

Typically, your home will likely need a complete roof replacement every 20–25 years. At that point, you might start seeing loose and damaged shingles, which may have already lead to water damage. If the damage is truly extensive, it’s best to start the replacement work as soon as possible. After a certain point, the roof may start sagging, which could create more problems going forward. So don’t wait for more structural damage to occur.

When it comes to residential building roofing projects, you’ll want the company you hire to be quick and professional. Roof It Right won’t disappoint! We’ll help you sort through material options, consider roof removal, and explain the paperwork that may be involved.

Free Estimates

Of course, if you’re not sure whether you need to have roofing work done, you can always call for a free estimate. Our professional roofing experts will evaluate the condition of your roof completely free of charge. This service isn’t as thorough as a complete roof inspection, but it will help you figure out whether you need roofing services at all. Best of all, you’ll also get a cost estimate of any work that might need to be done.

So if you live in St Johns County, Florida, or one of the other areas we service — don’t hesitate to call Roof It Right and get your free estimate now!


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